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What is Alaskan Road Truckers?

Alaskan Road Truckers sees you experience life as a trucker in the wild state of Alaska. Drive, survive, and thrive as a trucker - not a truck, as you become a true trucking legend. You’ll deliver cargo, manage your hunger, health, and temperature, and forge your own path through one of the most varied environments on the planet.

Is there a demo?
During development we had a demo and held a few playtest sessions - at the moment, we are not planning on releasing a demo as creating this would take away resources from supporting the game. We may revisit this in the future, but for now - no demo.

Is there DLC?
You can pick up the Mother Truckers Edition DLC exclusively at launch. This time-limited offer will give you a brand new badass look for your truck as well as a new trucker to play as.

Will you be updating the game?
We’ll be working on bug fixes, patches, and improvements for the game following the launch. In addition, we’ll be expanding gameplay features and adding more content over the coming months.

Do you have licensed trucks?
At the moment we do not as this requires agreements with the license holders. However, we would love to add more official trucks, trailers, and more to the game. If you have an idea of who to add - let us, and them, know, we’d love to get talking!

When is Alaskan Road Truckers coming to Console?
We'll have an announcement about the console release very soon. Stay tuned!


My truck got stuck
The CB Radio in your cab will get you in touch with Roadside Assistance who will happily tow you to safety - for a fee.

I’m stuck and not in my truck
If you open your map, you’ll see a Help when Stuck button - press it for assistance.

Force Feedback is too strong/weak
You can customize your Force Feedback settings via the in-game options.

Is there an option to look in the turn direction when I turn the wheel?
Yes - enable First Person Camera Prediction in the in-game options menu.

Setting up your Steering Wheel

Getting your steering wheel set up correctly with Alaskan Road Truckers will require a few simple steps.

  1. No matter which steering wheel you use, you will need to download and install the Logitech G-Hub application[]. If this is already installed, please ensure you have the latest update for it.

  2. Connect your steering wheel before starting the game in order for the game to correctly detect it on launch.

  3. In-game, go to Options > Controls > Steering Wheel.

  4. In the first section, enter:
    Wheel Angle - the maximum total rotation value of your steering wheel (900 in most cases)
    Force Feedback strength
    Your preferred Force Feedback Type

  5. In the second section, set your basic control functions. To do this, first select None, and then:
    For the Steer option - turn the steering wheel
    For the Throttle, Brake and Clutch options, press the corresponding pedal

  6. If you want to drive in semi-automatic transmission mode, set the Gear Up and Gear Down functions to the steering wheel controls or buttons, respectively. You must also set the Gearbox Type to Semi-automatic by going to Options > Gameplay > Gearbox Mode.

  7. If you have a manual shifter and want to drive in advanced manual transmission mode then assign each gear from 1-6 by setting the shifter to the appropriate position.
    Additionally, you will need to set Range and Splitter to one of your steering wheel buttons.
    The Range function changes the gear layers. When activated, for example gear 1 will change to gear 5, and gear 2 will change to gear 6.
    The Splitter function turns on half gears.
    You'll also need to set the Gearbox Type to Manual by going to Options > Gameplay > Gearbox Mode.

  8. You can also assign various options such as handbrake, engine on/off and others if your steering wheel has additional buttons. Use the slider to the right to see more functions.

Additional Steering Wheel Settings

  1. The steering wheel is only for driving the truck, you cannot use it to turn the camera and move when outside. You must use the steering wheel in combination with a controller or keyboard + mouse. To make first-person driving more comfortable, you can switch on the First Person Camera Prediction option in Settings -> Controls -> Camera. This will make the camera follow your wheel turns at lower speeds.
  2. To reverse the truck in automatic gearbox mode, press and hold the brake pedal when the gearbox is in the neutral position.

  3. Remember that each button can only be assigned to one unique function.

  4. Some steering wheel parameters, such as Force Feedback, brake strength and others can be directly set in the application that supports your steering wheel.

Technical Issues

My save isn’t working
On the main menu choose Show Backup Saves, then load the backup save. You’ll start from the end of the last job you completed.

Note this will only work if you have completed a job - if you have yet to finish a job, no backup save will be created.

FPS Issues
We are working on performance optimization and will continue to optimize the game post-launch. To ensure that it’s not a technical issue, however, please ensure you check the following:
Make sure that your graphics drivers are up to date.
Ensure that no background applications are taking resources away from the game.
Lower your in-game settings and test again.
If none of the above works, please let us know either on our Discord or Steam Discussion Forum.

Please make sure you include:

  • Your PC System Specifications

  • A description of the issue

  • What graphics settings you have selected in-game

  • If the issue is related to a particular location in-game - please include a screenshot of the map where the issue occurs.

The Game Crashed
If the game closes with a crash message, please let us know over on our Discord or on the Steam Discussion Forum with information about what happened.

Please make sure to include:

  • Your PC System Specifications

  • A description of the issue and what you were doing in-game before the crash

  • The full error text (if possible)

Known Issues

Traffic AI Issues

We are continually working to refine the AI of other drivers on the road. If you encounter an issue with the traffic behaving abnormally or blocking the road, please let us know either on our Discord or on our Steam Discussion Forum.

Please make sure to include a screenshot of the in-game map where the issue occurred, so we can locate where the problem is and work on it.

Stuck looking at a Side Mirror

If you've pressed a button to look at one of your mirrors and cannot look away, press the button again and then press 1 to re-center your view.

We are looking into a fix for this issue.

Performance Issues

We are refining and optimizing the game's performance - you should see this improve after updates to the game. However, please do check the troubleshooting steps elsewhere in this guide as this may be an issue external to the game.

Truck Navigation Misalignment

We are aware of issues with the minimap and the GPS not being aligned, this is being worked on.

Truck Parts Clipping

If bits of your truck are clipping through each other, or you have multiples of a part/decal for your truck, this is something we are currently working to fix.

Holes in the Landscape

If you encounter a hole in the landscape, please let us know with a screenshot of the issue and of the map where it is.

Map Icons not Showing

We are investigating this issue at the moment. In the meantime, reloading the game should temporarily resolve this.

Audio Looping after Repairs

Audio looping from repairs and turn signals is something we are working on at the moment.

Steering Wheel not Working

If you have followed all the steps above regarding setting up your steering wheel, please let us know in the relevant thread on our Discord - we are actively gathering information there.

Controller not Working

Please let us know either on Discord or on our Steam Discussion Forum so we can investigate - if you can include the type of controller you're using, that will help us look into this.

Please also ensure that you have reset your Steam controller settings to defaults, then try again.

Reporting an Issue / Suggestions

Bug Reports

If you encounter a bug in-game, please let us know about it either on our Discord or on the Steam Discussion Forum.

Please make sure to include

  • A description of the bug

  • A screenshot of the issue

  • If the issue is related to a location, please take a screenshot of the map where the issue is and attach it to your report.



We’re not developing Alaskan Road Truckers alone, your input has been invaluable in making the game. Please keep your suggestions and feedback coming!

You can post your suggestions either in the dedicated thread on our Steam Discussion Forum, or you can head to our Discord and let us know there.

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